What is this?

So what is this all about? I understand that most people feel that a person should be of a certain faith. But not everyone thinks the same faith is the true path to salvation. And not every faith believes that salvation is needed. Sin, or no sin? The rule of three?

I don’t know my path yet. I hear the calling of a higher power, but I don’t know if there is an organized religion that could explain what I feel. I’ve always been very interested in differences in religion in an experiential sense. This blog will document my journey. Within the limits of my city and time and maybe some limits I haven’t thought of like not being welcome by virtue of gender or ethnicity or something else, I will try a new service as often as I can –  a different religion, or a different branch of a religion, like the different branches of Christianity.

I am doing this to help me figure out how to define my own spirituality, but I am also doing it because I have Asperger’s syndrome and it will be good for me to learn to approach new people and assimilate into widely varying groups and it will also help me deal with change.

Will you come with me on my journey of faith and growth?